Advertising Policy


This Advertising Policy aims to guide the types of advertising content permitted on Tribun Network. This policy is designed to comply with the law and ensure a safe and positive experience for our users. While this policy is intended to guide decisions about which ads to accept, each ad will be assessed individually based on its impact on the brand and, therefore, may be rejected even if the ad doesn’t technically qualify as prohibited content or content that should be reviewed further. Tribun Network sets all policies with the following considerations in mind: legality, brand reputation, and the experience for our users. News Business Insider reserves the right to accept or reject advertisements for any product or service submitted for publication at any time and to remove posted ads.

Prohibited Content

The following advertisements or sponsored content cannot be published on News Business Insider. This is because the content itself may be illegal, or advertising that type of content may be unlawful.

Prohibited Content For Advertisement In Tribun Network

  • Porn And Sex
  • Virtual Sex Or Dating
  • Counterfeits and fakes
  • Casino And gambling
  • Discriminatory Practices
  • Recreational Drugs Generally
  • Religion

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